How much is National Grid really buying from the Demand Side?

At the Power Responsive conference on Tuesday 26th June 2018, National Grid suggested that they had already met their June 2015 target of procuring 50% of balancing services from demand response providers by 2020, as 50% of STOR was now being provided by non-Balancing Mechanism (NBM) participants. This was also reported in the Energyst today:

The Law is Changing – How will it affect you?

The landscape for the energy market is changing, with new rules and legislation being due to be implemented in 2018. In light of recent news about the SNAPS consultation and the MCPD (Medium Combustive Plant Directive) rule, we thought we would summarise what the new legislation means for the UK energy outlook and consumers.

LED manufacturer installs flexible battery unit at UK factory

The device will earn revenue by fulfilling a frequency response balancing contract with National Grid

ERDA recommends KiWi Power for Demand Response

KiWi Power Industry Round-Up

Battery storage & why you need an aggregator partner

The recent and ever-growing demand for renewable energy is driving a movement to get more sustainable energy sources added to the Grid.

The future of Triads and network charges

KiWi Power suggests the days of Triad and DNUoS charges appear to be numbered

What does the National Grid’s SNAPS review mean for sustainable energy providers?

The SNAPS (System Needs and Product Strategy) consultation took place last July, to understand the views of the balancing services market. The main issues identified included: there high number of products which providers could tender for; the poor clarity over what each product was attempting to address; and the poor clarity with regards to contracts. […]

Electric Vehicles – Why the Hype?

It’s hard to ignore the mounting news and press about electric cars. With the government banning the sale of all petrol cars by 2040, and with Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasting electric cars to account for 1/3 of all cars by 2040, displacing 8 million barrels of oil a day, we are at a widely acknowledged […]

Kiwi launches ground-breaking battery

Bridgend, UK – 20 February 2018. A multi-million-pound smart battery system, one of the largest Lithium-ion Batteries in the UK to be installed at a customer site, was officially launched on Monday at Parc Stormy near Bridgend. It marks a significant milestone in the application of smart-battery technology in the UK as the Tesla Powerpack has […]