The Carbon Column – Road transport: which direction?

In post I focus on the dark side of lithium, a metal that could be more harmful than helpful

Failure of e-bike lithium-ion battery ‘sparked fire in London flat’

London Fire Brigade has warned over the risks amid a rise in fire incidents from e-scooters and e-bikes

Scientists reveal lithium-ion batteries that can survive in extreme weather

Batteries could futureproof EVs against freezing cold and scorching heat

Could veg-based 3D printed batteries offer better charging?

Scientists say a new innovation could have around two or three times better charging performance than conventional lithium-ion versions

Israeli lithium-ion battery offers EV full charge in five minutes

The battery enables full charge in five minutes providing up to 300Km of driving range

Panasonic, Equinor and Hydro to check out lithium-ion battery business potential

The collaboration aims to target the European market for electric vehicles and other applications

Not such a waste! Orange peel could help recycle batteries say boffins

The research of scientists from Nanyang Technological University Singapore aims to address food and e-waste challenges

Former Royal Air Force base in South Wales to become home of the UK’s first battery gigaplant

The facility will produce lithium-ion cylindrical batteries, servicing primarily the automotive industry

Rental battery storage project offers clean energy to poor off-grid communities in Sierra Leone

The pay-as-you-go batteries are powered up at solar charging stations before being delivered to customers, reducing energy costs by up to 75%

Battery demand bursting at the seams in China

The clamour for electric vehicles in China has left companies scrambling to meet demand for lithium batteries. According to research firm CCM, the production of lithium-ion batteries is set to jump 400% by 2017. Companies like Samsung and LG invested more than $325m (£215m) in China’s lithium-ion battery market last year and the research company expects […]