CCC urges government to support green jobs to achieve net zero

The CCC has stressed the need for the government to prioritise skills and employment in order to achieve the legal goal of net zero while promoting economic growth and levelling up across regions

Lord Deben says people can’t morally oppose wind farms

Everyone must play their part in net zero aims, he said

Lord Deben
UK Climate tsar quits: Lord Deben’s reign ends in a blaze of glory after ten years

The head of the government’s climate advisory body is expected to step down at the end of his term this summer

Energy industry responds to CCC report on UK grid decarbonisation

The CCC has called for swifter action on decarbonisation – but what does the industry think?

Green grid by 2035: “Government is asleep at the wheel”

The goal of achieving a decarbonised power system by 2035 is feasible, but it cannot be accomplished at the current rate of progress, the CCC has warned

“Government’s heat pump scheme had a really disappointing first year”

The Chair of the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee spoke to ELN about the findings of an investigation into the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

EPC ratings need reform, says Climate Change Committee’s chair

Lord Deben has said current metrics do not help people understand the energy efficiency of their homes

CCC Chair says no chance of net zero without policy changes

The block on new onshore wind in England must be lifted, he stressed

Liz Truss warned that NHS energy bills could rise from £600m to £2bn

Government has been warned that slow progress on improving energy efficiency in the public sector could mean “extraordinary” bills this winter

CCC: “Current government net zero plans will not deliver”

The government’s climate advisors have stressed that the rate of household insulation measures remains at rock bottom