Liz Truss warned that NHS energy bills could rise from £600m to £2bn

Government has been warned that slow progress on improving energy efficiency in the public sector could mean “extraordinary” bills this winter

CCC: “Current government net zero plans will not deliver”

The government’s climate advisors have stressed that the rate of household insulation measures remains at rock bottom

The deadline to electrify the UK’s transport sector by 2040 ‘is too late’

That’s the call from Lord Deben, Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, who spoke to the Environmental Audit Committee this morning

Lord Deben reappointed as Chair of Climate Change Committee

Energy Secretary Greg Clark has reappointed Lord Deben as the Chair of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC). His five-year term of leading the Committee was due to end this year but it has been extended until September 2022. Since 2012, the CCC has advised government on the fourth and fifth carbon budgets, emission […]

Energy suppliers’ relationship with customers ‘a scandal’

Energy suppliers are among the “worst businesses” in Britain and their relationship with customers is a “scandal”. That’s the view of Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change, who spoke at a smart grid event in London yesterday. He said: “It is outrageous that if I want to change electricity suppliers, I can […]

Stick to carbon emissions targets, says CCC

There is no legal or economic case for reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions targets, the government’s climate change advisers said today. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) believes there is nothing to “justify a lowering of ambition” of the fourth carbon budget which was set in 2011 to meet the target of cutting 80% […]

Manufacturers pin hopes on "caveat" to lower carbon budget

Manufacturers appear to be pinning their hopes on activating a “caveat” in legally binding rules for cutting carbon which would lessen the burden on British businesses. Trade body EEF has flagged up the notion of a caveat just as the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) told Energy Secretary Ed Davey the UK’s fourth carbon budget […]

Investment in low carbon technologies could save £100bn

The UK could save as much as £100 billion if it made more investments in low carbon technologies rather than fossil fuels. A new report published today by the Committee on Climate Change suggests low carbon investments could create significant economic benefits, saving consumers between £25-£45 billion, which could rise to £100 billion with higher […]

Support for gas ‘could risk £600 energy bill rise’

Household energy bills in the UK could be £600 higher in the next few decades if there is continued reliance on gas over low-carbon technologies, it was claimed today. In a new report the Committee on Climate Change looked at the impact of carbon budgets on energy bills and found household bills could rise by […]

‘Mad Cow’ MP tipped for top climate job

One-time Environment Secretary John Gummer, who famously fed his child a burger at the height of the BSE crisis in 1990, is tipped to take over as chair of the Committee on Climate Change. Now known as Lord Deben, the former Conservative MP has been selected as the preferred candidate to succeed Lord Turner as […]