Spain activates air conditioning limits

Homes and public buildings in the country will be banned to be cooled by less than 27°C

Madrid won’t switch off amid European gas crisis

The regional leader of Madrid has said the city will keep the lights on at night defying Spanish Government restrictions

Painters’ muses look better under LEDs!

A new lighting system installed at Museo del Prado is forecast to reduce energy consumption by 77%

ENGIE and EDP Renewables team up to create Ocean Winds

The new company, headquartered in Madrid, will act as the exclusive investment vehicle of both companies for offshore wind energy opportunities worldwide

Repsol breaks ground in Spain with first photovoltaic park

The new plant is expected to provide electricity to 183,000 people

Madrid to host COP25 climate summit in December

It comes after the Government of Chile decided to call it off last week amid ongoing protests

Protests sweep Madrid as mayor removes car pollution restrictions

José Luis Martínez-Almeida has cancelled the “Madrid Central”, which banned certain petrol and diesel cars from the centre of the Spanish city

Spain’s Aena lands €86m for energy efficient airports

The improvements are expected to help reduce emissions by 30% in total

Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City to ban diesel cars by 2025

Leaders of four major cities have pledged to ban the use of all diesel vehicles from their roads by 2025. Mayors of Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens made the announcement at the C40 Summit in the Central American country in order to tackle air pollution in their regions. They will incentivise the use of alternative […]

Gamesa to build wind tunnel in Madrid

Spanish manufacturer Gamesa is to build a wind tunnel in Madrid. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Spain’s UPM (Technical University of Madrid) to design, develop and operate the aerodynamic testing tunnel. It will be 70 metres long and 50 metres wide and will enable static testing of turbine blades by simulating wind from […]