Gazprom to suspend gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 tomorrow

The energy giant has said the pipeline’s only remaining compressor needs servicing and will be offline until 2nd September

No Nord Stream 1 turbines are in Canada, says Gazprom

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister has unveiled plans to return five turbines

Gazprom: Risks remain on gas turbine delivery for Nord Stream

The energy giant has confirmed it has received documents from Siemens Energy but concerns remain

Gas flows through Nord Stream pipeline start again

German authorities have stressed that the 60% cut in the gas flows from last month remains

How to track and manage maintenance costs across different business locations

Rapid development across the globe in the past century has connected the world in a way that was unimaginable before.

‘Robots hold the key to net zero’

A new report claims that by 2050 the robotics market in the energy sector will be worth £8.4bn and could become essential to the maintenance and success of key renewable systems

Sizewell B reconnects to the grid

The power plant has been closed for planned refuelling and maintenance work

SkySpecs acquires two European wind companies

It has stated the acquisition represents an opportunity for wind farm owners and operators to confidently invest in, maintain and manage their assets for sustainable returns

Norway’s Hammerfest LNG plant to be closed for up to a year

Operator Equinor said the fire repairs at the facility could take up to 12 months

Cyberhawk secures drone maintenance contract with US utility

The drone-based inspection firm won the contract for the work in California through a competitive tender process