Gazprom: Risks remain on gas turbine delivery for Nord Stream

The energy giant has confirmed it has received documents from Siemens Energy but concerns remain

Big Zero Report 2022

The future of the delivery of the gas turbine needed for the “safe” operation of Nord Stream 1 remains bleak.

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom has said it has received from Siemens Energy all documentation on the turbine but the remaining issues and risks are not resolved.

In a statement, the company said: “Gazprom received from Siemens documents issued by the Canadian authorities.

“However, after studying the documents, Gazprom had to conclude that they do not eliminate the previously identified risks and give rise to additional questions.

“In addition, the issues regarding the sanctions imposed by the EU and the UK remain unsolved for Gazprom, although the resolution of such issues is important for delivering the engine to Russia and performing urgent major repair of other turbine engines for the Portovaya CS.”

The company added that it had already requested that Siemens provide all the required documents and clarifications.

A Siemens Energy spokesperson told ELN: “The transportation of the turbine could start immediately. The German authorities provided Siemens Energy with all the necessary documents for the export of the turbine to Russia at the beginning of last week.

“Gazprom is aware of this. What is missing, however, are the customs documents for import to Russia. Gazprom, as the customer, is required to provide those.

“The maintenance of our turbines is and remains a routine procedure. During the last ten years of maintenance there have been no significant complications.

“Any future maintenance work can be facilitated: The Canadian Government has already agreed that the turbines, which are maintained by Siemens Energy in Montreal, can be transported from Canada to Germany. At this point in time, we thus see no link between the turbine and the gas cuts that have been implemented or announced.”

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