Consumers urged to check energy meters this weekend

Ahead of the upcoming adjustment to the energy price cap, consumers are advised to check their energy meters to ensure accurate billing

UK energy debt collector allegedly sends Michael Jackson signed emails

MoneySavingExpert claims that debt collection firm Barratt Smith Brown, pursuing debts from former Igloo Energy and Together Energy customers, has been sending emails featuring what appears to be Michael Jackson’s signature

Top tip for fixed energy tariffs revealed

Financial expert Martin Lewis has recommended a specific tariff as a worthwhile option for cutting energy bills, especially with an anticipated drop of £300 in April

Earn rewards for cutting energy use: Top performers revealed

A recent survey reveals that nearly 78% of energy customers are willing to participate again in energy saving schemes

Thermostat mistake alert: Risk of increased energy bills

Experts have warned against raising the thermostat by one degree in winter, as it’s an unnecessary practice that could lead to higher energy bills

UK households urged to check meters before price cap change

UK households are advised to check their meters ahead of an upcoming energy price cap change on Sunday, with standing charges set to rise

Urgent 12-day alert for all energy bill payers

Customers have been urged to take a meter reading photo ahead of the 1st October price cap change to avoid potential overcharges

Will there be any government energy bill support this winter?

Martin Lewis has raised concerns about rising energy costs for lower to middle-income households this winter

Ofgem asks energy suppliers to publish full tariff details

The energy regulator has requested energy suppliers to disclose comprehensive details of all tariffs, aiming to increase transparency

Energy customers urged to check fixed rate deals

Martin Lewis has warned customers to check their deals as prices may have increased following the loss of the government’s Energy Price Guarantee subsidy