Will there be any government energy bill support this winter?

Martin Lewis has raised concerns about rising energy costs for lower to middle-income households this winter

The government has stated that it does not intend to intervene in the energy market by providing financial assistance for household energy bills during the upcoming winter.

Martin Lewis questioned UK Energy Secretary Grant Shapps on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, expressing concerns that most lower to middle-income users would face increased energy costs this winter compared to the previous challenging season.

Martin Lewis asked Shapps if the government would provide any energy bill support for those affected during the upcoming winter.

Energy Secretary Shapps responded firmly, stating that the government does not have any plans to intervene in the energy market by offering financial assistance.

Grant Shapps replied, “Remember, that money’s not free. We’d have to tax it to pay it out. So, no, the answer is we’re not planning to do that.”

As winter approaches, the focus on energy affordability remains a top priority for many households.

MoneySavingExpert Founder Martin Lewis also asked UK Energy Secretary Grant Shapps about standing charges and their impact on energy bills.

Mr Shapps confirmed that he had spoken to Ofgem about the matter, and the regulator will be reviewing standing charges with energy companies.

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