Ukraine’s largest energy company sticks by net zero aims amidst war

The DTEK boss has told COP27 that the company’s 2040 carbon-neutrality pledge remains the same

Ukraine loses third of its power stations in new Russian missile blitz

Ukraine’s officials have called for a no-fly zone

“Ukraine has now its own energy airbag”

The synchronisation of the Ukrainian grid with Europe is a key step towards energy independence from Russia, DTEK Chief has said

“Belarus offered to connect its grid with Chernobyl power station”

DTEK CEO told ELN that the power cut at Chernobyl is part of the Russian attack on the Ukrainian energy system

Ukraine pleads for no-fly zone over nuclear plants

A Ukrainian energy group called for protection of the airspace above nuclear power plants in Ukraine

Ukraine-Russia war: “I don’t know for how long people can survive without electricity”

The boss of the largest energy company in Ukraine said half a million residents in Ukraine’s Marioupol are left without power

Ukraine’s hospitals and army to get free electricity from energy group

DTEK Group has started to supply electricity free of charge in three regions, including Kyiv

“Rapid development of the war will affect Ukraine’s energy security”

Ukraine’s largest energy company said the country has 15 to 20 days left of coal reserves