Ukraine’s hospitals and army to get free electricity from energy group

DTEK Group has started to supply electricity free of charge in three regions, including Kyiv

Ukraine’s largest energy group DTEK Group has started to supply electricity free of charge to hospitals, armed forces and bread producers in three regions in Ukraine.

The move is expected to support cities as the Russian attacks and the bombardment of cities continue in Ukraine.

DTEK Chief Executive Officer Maxim Timchenko said: “Ukraine is going through the most difficult period of its history and business will make every effort to help the state and the population.

“In addition to the humanitarian aid and army support programme, from March, we will provide all medical institutions.”

Last Saturday, ELN joined a media briefing held by Ukraine’s largest energy company and biggest private investor in the country’s energy sector DTEK.

Mr Timchenko said: “Definitely if we experienced such a rapid development of the situation, it will affect our energy security, by all means, starting from coal shortage and going through all other issues we could potentially have.”

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