Morocco partners with IRENA to boost renewables and green hydrogen

The country has revised its ambition to increase the share of total renewable energy capacity to more than 52% by 2030

Africa exploits just 0.01% of its wind energy potential

The African continent can have a total wind capacity of over 59,000GW, a report finds

Morocco’s renewable sector ‘to make up 52% of capacity mix by 2030’

Last year, renewables, including hydropower capacity, made up roughly 34% of Morocco’s overall capacity mix while thermal generation represented the other 66%.

Morocco needs to invest $30bn to hit 2030 renewable target

A new report from the International Energy Agency calls for the government to increase private investment in clean energy by completing electricity and gas market reforms

Moroccan wind farm enters full operation

The Khalladi wind farm is the EBRD’s first private renewable project financed in the country

Moroccan plastic firm bags solar savings

A plastic bag producer in Morocco says it expects to slash its annual electricity bill by 12% as a result of installing solar panels on the roof of its factory. Multisac, which primarily produces woven polypropylene bags for the agriculture industry, hopes the renewable technology will produce around 689MWh of clean power each year, reducing […]

Morocco launches green bond for renewable investment

A new green bond in Morocco aims to promote and support investments in a range of renewable energy projects. The issuance by Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP), one of Morocco’s largest banking groups, has already received investments of €100 million (£87.9m) and €35 million (£30.8m) from World Bank Group member IFC and private sector financing group Proparco respectively. The […]

Moroccan energy efficiency gets €35m loan

Three banks are providing €35 million (£30.15m) to help improve energy efficiency measures in Morocco. The money will help small and medium sized businesses implement green projects, as well as being used to offer sustainable energy incentives. Some of the money will also support large construction and energy firms. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Agence Française de […]

Morocco switches on first phase of giant solar farm

The first phase of the world’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant has been launched in Morocco. When fully operational, the three-plant Noor-Ouarzazate CSP complex will have a capacity of more than 500MW. That’s enough electricity to power 1.1 million households. The International Energy Agency estimates up to 11% of the world’s power generation could […]

World Bank supports Morocco’s green growth

The World Bank has approved a new $300 million (£202m) loan to support Morocco’s green growth strategy. The Development Policy Loan (DPL) backs the country’s efforts to meet its energy challenges by developing the renewable market, energy efficiency regulation in the building sector and removing fossil fuel subsidies. The latter is expected to result in […]