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New CEO appointed to lead Morocco – UK power project

The 3,800 km undersea power cable would be the world's longest, providing up to 7.5% of UK's electricity

Xlinks First Ltd has announced the appointment of James Humfrey as the new Chief Executive Officer for the Morocco – UK Power Project.

The proposed undersea power cable, spanning 3,800 kilometres, could potentially become the world’s longest if constructed.

The project aims to supply up to 7.5% of the UK’s electricity consumption.

Simon Morrish, Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of Xlinks Ltd, will work closely with Humfrey during the development phase, ensuring project success while continuing to oversee strategic relationships and portfolio growth.

James Humfrey, Chief Executive Officer of Xlinks First said: “Joining Xlinks First as CEO is a fantastic opportunity to lead the first-of-its-kind Morocco – UK Power Project in achieving its goal to deliver a near constant, clean and affordable supply of electricity to the UK.

“This will play a key role in the Morocco and UK’s future prosperity. I look forward to working with the Board, Simon and the rest of the team as we work to deliver this much needed project.”

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