CCC: UK climate ambition criticised for “mixed messages”

The Climate Change Committee highlights that mixed messages, including new fossil fuel developments and adjustments to net zero policies, have damaged the UK’s global climate reputation

Net Hero Podcast – Money, money, money in a net zero world

Time to cough up? If we want to get to net zero we really need to get the money side of it sorted. Join my chat with leading economist Vicky Pryce as we talk cash!

MPs challenge Prime Minister on net zero change

The Energy Security and Net Zero Committee seeks clarity on the financial impact and the costs and benefits of delaying net zero policies

Sunak vs climate advisers on airport expansions

The Prime Minister is reportedly set to reject the formal advice from the Climate Change Committee, defying calls to halt airport expansions

Sunak shuts door on net zero referendum

The Prime Minister has expressed confidence in the public’s commitment to net zero but emphasised a pragmatic and inclusive approach to achieving it

Next PM must take net zero ‘by the scruff of the neck’, say Lords

The Committee is calling for a detailed plan on how the new leader plans to tackle net zero

High Court rules government net zero aim falls short of the mark

The 2050 plan lacks sufficient detail, the court has found