Net Hero Podcast – Money, money, money in a net zero world

Time to cough up? If we want to get to net zero we really need to get the money side of it sorted. Join my chat with leading economist Vicky Pryce as we talk cash!

This week, as COP28 continues we discuss the central issue in the whole net zero debate…. money.

Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, told me net zero will require significant investment and that’s the central issue. Who will pay? How will it be funded, by states or by companies?

Is carbon taxation the only route to ensuring there is an equitable market, where poorer nations are not suffering while richer nations use loopholes to appear cleaner than they are?

I chat through all these issues with Vicky. Listen in and please comment and share your thoughts on social media.

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