Germany launches investigation into Nord Stream blasts

German federal prosecutors said they had opened an investigation against “unknown persons”

Britain sends warships to protect North Sea underwater oil and gas pipelines

Two ships have been deployed amid fears that pipelines face a risk of further attacks

Britain sends Royal Navy frigate to North Sea after Nord Stream blasts

UK’s Ministry of Defence has condemned the “reckless sabotage” in the Baltic Sea

‘We will protect energy supply after Nord Stream damage,’ says British Ambassador

He has called the damage “utterly unacceptable”

Nord Stream ‘gas leaks stop’ as the UK orders ‘specialist ships’ to surveil cables

Liz Truss has agreed the damage to the Nord Stream pipeline was sabotage

Fourth gas leak at Nord Stream found

Authority supervising the Swedish coastline has confirmed its findings while the US reaffirmed its support to its European allies

Nord Stream compressor station deemed “hazardous”

Russia’s regulators have allegedly warned that the offline Nord Stream compressor station can “no longer operate legally”

Nord Stream 1 shutdown ‘likely to see gas prices skyrocket again today’

Analysts predict that gas prices will jump 50% as a result of Russia’s move to cut off gas flows

Gazprom announces indefinite closure of Nord Stream 1

The energy giant cited technical problems for the decision

Gazprom to suspend gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 tomorrow

The energy giant has said the pipeline’s only remaining compressor needs servicing and will be offline until 2nd September