“I wouldn’t be surprised if a year from now Nord Stream 2 was functional”

International energy specialist tells ELN that the current energy crisis is more severe than the 1973 oil crisis

Germany suspends Russian gas pipeline

Nord Stream 2 has been cut due to the war in Ukraine

Finnish energy group to stop new investments in Russia

The chief of Fortum said “business as usual cannot continue” in light of Russia-Ukraine war

Shell to end partnership with Russia’s Gazprom after Ukraine invasion

That includes its stake in the Sakhalin-II liquefied natural gas facility, the Salym Petroleum Development and the Gydan energy venture, in addition to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project

Majority of Germans ‘want reliance on Russian gas reduced’

A new survey also revealed 74% of people consider it important for Germany to become independent of gas imports, for example, the gas delivered via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

bp ditches its 19.75% stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft

The energy giant will take up to $25 billion hit because of the exit

Is Europe moving towards joint gas buying to fight against soaring energy prices?

The proposals reportedly aim to create gas reserves that EU state members could rely on in periods of crisis

New gas price hikes predicted to raise next price cap by £475!

Price cap is forecast to jump from £1,277 to £1,752, new analysis forecasts

Russia could help the UK ‘alleviate the difficulties’ from energy crisis

Russia’s Ambassador to the UK confirmed that Russia will come to rescue the UK “if it will be an opportunity”

EU agrees stricter rules for Russia-Germany gas pipeline

Under the amended rules, pipelines to and from third countries cannot be directly owned by gas suppliers