Sizewell C opponents appeal to Supreme Court

Opponents of the Sizewell C nuclear power plant, dismissed by the Court of Appeal, seek Supreme Court appeal as the government commits an extra £1.3 billion for project construction in Suffolk

Hinkley Point C delayed until 2029

The estimated costs of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant project have surged to up to £35 billion, primarily due to factors such as inflation, Covid-related disruptions, Brexit and challenges in civil construction

Britain hits record in electricity imports

In 2023, Britain saw a 13% net electricity import, a departure from its 2022 net exporter status

Sizewell C nuclear plant construction moves forward

The Sizewell C nuclear plant gets the go-ahead as the Development Consent Order is triggered, marking the start of construction for the 3.2GW facility

Energy industry responds to nuclear roadmap

The ‘biggest expansion in nuclear power in 70 years’ has garnered varied responses

Britain to build new nuclear power station

The power station will reportedly have capacity to power as many as six million homes

France shifts focus: Nuclear over renewables in new Energy Bill

France’s latest Energy Bill has sparked controversy as it prioritises nuclear power over renewables

EDF plans to extend life of UK nuclear fleet

EDF Energy has announced a £1.3 billion investment to extend the operational life of its UK nuclear fleet, aiming to maintain current output levels

Sizewell B achieves milestone in electricity generation

The nuclear power station near Southwold has surpassed 250 terawatt-hours in electricity generation, potentially powering every home in Suffolk for 192 years

Hinkley Point C proposes 800 acres saltmarsh project

Hinkley Point C in Somerset reveals plans for an 800-acre saltmarsh near Bridgwater, seeking public input through a consultation