Greenpeace appeals after losing Norwegian Arctic oil drilling lawsuit

Greenpeace has launched an appeal after an Oslo court rejected its bid to block oil drilling in the Arctic. The environmental group had argued that Norway’s oil and gas exploration in the Arctic violates people’s right to a clean environment. However, the court said a licensing round in 2015 that awarded offshore exploration rights to […]

Global oil finds fell to record low in 2016

Global oil discoveries fell to a record low of 2.4 billion barrels in 2016. This contrasts with an annual average of around nine billion barrels over the last 15 years. That’s according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which suggests the trend is likely to continue for the third year in […]

Oil discoveries made in UK North Sea

New oil discoveries have been made in the UK North Sea. Exploration company Apache Corporation found oil in the first two wells which were drilled in the Beryl area. It also announced a large discovery in its Seagull prospect – around 50 miles from its largest oil field in the UK North Sea – Forties Field. Apache estimates the two discoveries to make […]