Paper bags being trialled at Morrisons
Morrisons unveils new plans to get sustainable shopping in the bag

The supermarket is trialling a rollout of paper bags at its check-outs and raising the price of plastic bags

Viridor invests £3.7m at materials recycling facility

The money has been used for “enhanced paper purity” and fire protection systems

Iceland ditches plastic packaging for bananas

They will be packaged in a paper band which is 100% recyclable and made from recycled paper

Xiamen International Marathon runs towards plastic-free future

Organisers of the annual event have set out a plan that is expected to reduce plastic waste by 50%

Can paper-based batteries stop tearable eco-damage?

New paper-based batteries could provide a sustainable alternative to traditional power-packs. Made from paper, carbon and non-toxic metals, Fuelium’s batteries are suited for use in relatively small-scale, water-based applications, such as blood diagnostics or tests to detect diseases with tissue samples. This equipment generally requires single-use electronic devices, which can be disposed of without recycling […]

UK’s waste builds up following Chinese import ban

China has banned imports of 24 types of waste as part of a new initiative to improve its industries and environment. The Asian nation will now longer accept shipments of rubbish from around the world, including various plastics and unsorted papers from Britain. Before the ban came into effect, the UK has been shipping up […]

Wheels in motion to let big energy users off EMR costs

The Government has opened a consultation on how to let big energy users off the hook when it comes to paying for parts of the electricity market reform. In a statement today DECC and BIS said the measure is to stop CfD costs posing “significant risk to UK competitiveness”. The departments are working out how […]

Happy eco-ending for Disney’s paper supplies?

It’s not quite the happy ending you normally get in Disney films – but last week, the makers of childhood classics such as The Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse said it will now source all of its paper from responsibly sourced forests. The corporate giant announced new company guidelines to get all paper for its […]

Sewage waste used for paper and plastic

Sewage is now being turned into raw materials used by paper and plastic industries around the globe, thanks to a new innovation. Developed by Israeli firm Applied Cleantech, the ‘Sewage Recycling System’ (SRS) recycles the solids, also called “sludge”, in sewage systems and converts them into consumer products. These are then used as a base […]

RBS green dream could save £200m

RBS has set out new efficiency plans to reduce its environmental impact and hopes to save £200 million in the process. Long distance business trips are set to be replaced by “virtual meeting technology” as the banking group hopes to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from business travel and a 50% reduction in […]