Boots gives plastic bags the boot with new paper replacement

The health and beauty chain says the new paper bags will initially be available in 53 of its 2,485 stores

Boots has swapped plastic carrier bags with brown paper alternatives in a number of its stores in order to reduce the amount of single-use plastic it uses.

The health and beauty chain is also introducing paper bags for prescriptions but notes will continue to send out medicine from its central pharmacy in plastic packaging, because it claims these need to be particularly  durable.

The paper options, made from recycled brown paper and printed with water-based inks, will be available in only 53 of the brand’s 2,485 stores to begin with, with plans for the rest of its shops to shift to using paper by the start of 2020.

The new paper bags come in three sizes, costing 5p, 7p and 10p depending on which one the customer chooses – all profits from their sale will go to BBC Children in Need, as the profits from plastic bags do currently.

Boots suggests the bags have been carefully tested to make sure they are better for the environment than plastic alternatives over their entire life cycle.

It expects the move will remove 900 tonnes of plastic from Boots’ annual store operations.

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