EU greenlights Germany’s €450m measure to establish temporary lignite supply reserve

The measure will compensate the operators of five power plants for the costs of getting the plants ready to operate if there are natural gas shortages

Russia ‘hits power plants in Ukraine’

Ukraine’s President has said the Russians’ goal is to deprive people of light and heat

Owner of seven UK power stations posts £10bn loss

Uniper has said fewer Russian gas deliveries had an “adverse impact” on its first half-year financial results

New partnership inked to develop decentralised power plants in Thailand

INNIO and B.Grimm Power seek to develop decentralised and highly efficient liquefied natural gas and natural gas plants

Japan issues first-ever warning of potential power shortages

It follows a powerful earthquake in Tokyo last week, forcing several power plants to shut down

‘Good Neighbour’: US plan to reduce cross-state downwind pollution from power plants

The Environmental Protection Agency projects the proposed rule would prevent around 1,000 premature deaths and avoid more than 2,000 hospital and emergency room visits in 2026

‘Poland’s gas plans will stop net zero aims’

A new report claims Polish plans for new gas projects will cost taxpayers £3.3bn and make the 2050 target for reaching net zero an impossibility

US invests $54m to boost energy efficiency in microelectronic technologies

Microelectronics are critical to nearly all modern technology, including smartphones, medical equipment, power plants, electricity grids and vehicles

New data reveals decline in toxic emissions from US power plants

The fall in emissions are primarily due to changes in the mix of fuels used in electricity generation, with data revealing a 19% fall in coal generation and an increase in natural gas and renewable production

Government lowers target capacity for delayed T-1 auction

It has been reduced from 4.6GW to 2.7GW