Webinar: The right medicine – reducing cost and carbon in the NHS

This free webinar will be brought to you live at 11:00AM on Thursday 16th May.

Webinar: Capitalise on rising energy costs – Five ways to transform your buying strategy

This free webinar will be brought to you live at 11:00AM on Thursday 23rd May.

SSEN partners up for flexible power procurement services

Consumers providing the flexibility services will typically be paid around £300/MWh

Sustainability ‘needed to deliver an NHS fit for the future’

Around 92% of NHS Estate Managers believe procurement departments are ignoring sustainability

Global corporations buy record 7.2GW of clean energy so far this year

This has already surpassed 2017’s record of 5.4GW

Fuel suppliers line up for £850m public sector contracts

A total of 35 suppliers have been chosen to provide fuel for public sector organisations in the UK. Small and medium sized businesses make up almost three quarters of the total number of suppliers on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) new National Fuels Framework, expected to be worth around £850 million over four years. Winners include […]

Ride the wave of convergence

Energy management and energy procurement are beginning to converge. Jon Ferris explains how managers can cope with this fundamental change. Before 2005, virtually all consumers had fixed energy contracts. As prices became more volatile, consumers found themselves paying suppliers extra to bear the commodity risk on their behalf. In 2005, when gas prices exceeded 100 […]

Seek a business partner in an energy broker, firms advised

Getting prices from lots of different brokers is a “poor way” of going around to find a good energy deal in the market. That’s according to Mark Alston, Director at ENER-G Procurement, who also believes a lot of the time businesses “jump straight to a price discussion”. He suggests firms should regard it as a […]

Buy energy ‘little and often’ rather than fixed long term

Buying a fixed-price energy contract once a year or every two years could be a lot more risky than going into a flexible contract and buying “little and often” as price opportunities arise throughout the term. That’s the view of Mark Alston, Director at ENER-G Procurement, who believes a lot of buyers “don’t seriously consider” […]

India and Japan consider clubbing together to buy LNG

India and Japan – two of the world’s largest importers of LNG – are said to be considering clubbing together so they can buy it a cheaper price. Last year October the two agreed to carry out a study looking at how to head off the rising costs of LNG and this September they signed […]