More than 1,500 climate protestors arrested in the Netherlands

The Extinction Rebellion members were calling for an end to financing fossil fuel subsidies, blocking the A12 motorway in The Hague

Greenpeace activists in swimwear protesting outside Rishi Sunak’s house

The protest was prompted by recent reports that Sunak paid for a private upgrade to his local electricity grid to power a new heated private swimming pool

Welsh coal mine expansion goes to court

Campaigners are calling for the government to step in and stop the planned expansion

Wind farm protests force Norway’s Energy Minister cancel UK visit

Oslo was hit by protests over wind turbines built on land traditionally used by indigenous Sami reindeer herders

Activists bring construction of Britain’s first all-electric prison to a halt

HS2 Rebellion activists say they are protesting as an act of solidarity with the increasing numbers of campaigners being sent to prison

British Museum looks to be net zero

That’s the announcement made by Chair George Osborne

Thunberg and activists sue Sweden for climate policy

They claim the country is not being ambitious enough in its policy

Climate activists inside COP27 to battle protest ban

They are protesting inside the summit, as it is temporarily under international jurisdiction

Police Officer injured in Just Stop Oil protest ‘recovering’

Essex Police Chief Constable has released a statement regarding the condition of the Officer

Just Stop Oil M25 protest sees Police officer injured

This is after protestors climbed onto the gantry of London’s ring road