New legislation means pension funds must assess climate risks

The UK Government will require trustees to be able to explain investment decisions by the 1st of October 2019

FCA says it will highlight need to make sustainable investments

The organisation has responded to a report from the EAC on how to embed sustainability in financial decision making

Government sets out updated climate strategy

The new plan studies the risks affecting communities across England, as well as how they are being addressed

‘More than a third of public unaware of energy theft dangers’

Knowledge about potential risks is particularly low between 18-24 year olds

UK’s top pension funds questioned over green duties

The Chair of the cross-party Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has written to the UK’s top 25 pension funds to ask how they manage the risks posed to pension savings by climate change. Mary Creagh MP launched the line of questioning after the Department for Work and Pensions admitted there is widespread misunderstanding amongst pension trustees […]

Financial risks of European wind ‘set to increase’

The proportion of Europe’s wind capacity unexposed to market and price risks is expected to fall from 75% this year to as low as 6% by 2030. That’s the prediction made in a new report from WindEurope and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, which suggests hedging against volume risk is likely to prove a sensible way […]

Disparity among European firms’ water management

Although some European companies are doing well with water management, others are lagging behind. That’s according to a new report from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which analyses data from 121 European businesses. It reveals a growing disparity between the few leading companies and those who are failing to make necessary improvements in key areas relating to water management, […]

Utility industry’s future gets vote of confidence

The utility industry is well positioned to withstand political and financial shocks. That is according to a new report from S&P Global Ratings, which says utilities are likely to be kept stable through the current period of global uncertainty due to supportive regulations, slow but steady demand and aggressive capital spending. The vital nature of the products and services they […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – HELP!

We all find ourselves in situations both at home and at work when we need help from others across a wide range of subjects, some trivial but many serious and life/career affecting. Knowing when to ask for help can make huge differences to life and commercial outcomes but there are lots of barriers to doing […]

Britain ‘risks losing £4bn a year nuclear industry’

Nuclear expertise in the UK is under threat as new projects are being given away to foreign companies, a new report claims. It suggests the UK Government needs to do more to ensure British firms benefit from nuclear projects over the coming years else “risk losing its £4 billion a year industry”. The news comes […]