Fusion farewell: JET’s final tritium experiments mark end of an era

Oxford’s Joint European Torus facility gears up for its last tritium experiments

‘Solar leafs’ outshine panels in UK breakthrough

The new technology eradicates the need for pumps, fans, control units and expensive materials, while also making more clean water and thermal energy

MPs: Government nuclear plans a ‘wish list,’ not a strategy

MPs have called for a concrete nuclear strategic plan to achieve the government’s target of 24GW of nuclear capacity by 2050

Battery breakthrough: “Cloak” keeps EVs going strong!

Researchers have developed a “thermal cloak” that passively regulates temperatures in EVs, promising longer-lasting batteries and improved performance

UK swelters in hottest-ever June

June 2023 has been confirmed as the hottest June on record for the UK

Space-based solar power beamed down to Earth

Scientists have transmitted space-based solar power to Earth for the first time using a space-borne prototype called the Space Solar Power Demonstrator

Salty solution: Researchers shake things up with affordable CO2 capture

Researchers have found a new way to store carbon dioxide by creating structures made from a special salt

Gusts of relief: Scientists declare wind farm ‘noise’ not a breeze of concern

Wind turbine syndrome, a condition caused by low-frequency noise from wind farms, lacks scientific evidence, according to recent research

Scientist who helped link humans to climate change dies

Claude Lorius’ research helped prove that mankind has influenced global warming

Photosynthesis ‘hack’ unlocks new renewable energy possibilities!

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found a way that could improve the efficiency of photosynthesis, generating clean fuel and renewable energy