Government proposes making tobacco industry pay to clean up cigarettes litter

Research has found smoking-related litter makes up 68% of all littered items

Fossil fuel products ‘should come with warning labels’

The smoking-style warnings should be used on petrol stations, energy bills and air tickets, experts say

Air pollution could be as harmful as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day

Researchers found an association between long-term exposure to all major air pollutants, especially ozone, and an increase in emphysema

Smoking & power plant
Air pollution ‘more deadly than smoking’

A new report suggests damaging health implications related to pollution are “substantially higher than previously assumed”

Europe’s urban air pollution ‘as unhealthy as smoking’

Spending a long weekend in Istanbul or Prague could have the same health impacts as smoking up to four cigarettes

Cigarette butts “great for energy storage”

Old cigarette butts could be successfully recycled to store energy, claim South Korean researchers in a paper published this week. They believe this technique could reduce the “environmental burden” of discarded cigarettes. There must be plenty of butts in the world, with estimates suggesting six trillion cigarettes are produced every year. Cigarette filters are mainly […]

“Copy anti-smoking campaigns to cut energy use”

Copying anti-smoking campaigns could help businesses encourage staff to save energy. That’s according to the boss of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) in a new report about using smart meters in UK businesses. Gareth Tancred, BIFM Chief Executive wrote: “Social marketing campaigns have long been changing behaviours to ensure that we get more […]