Changes are coming; are we ready?

With both the American election and winter around the corner, as well as rising COVID cases spurring new measures and lockdowns, how are markets reacting?

Trump rolls backs regulations on energy efficient light bulbs

The government confirmed a rule that will block new federal energy efficiency standards for certain light bulbs from going into effect in January 2020

Arctic landscape
President Trump’s order to reopen Arctic to oil drilling was ‘unlawful’

The current US President attempted to overrule a ban brought in by Barack Obama prohibiting offshore drilling in the region

President Trump
Donald Trump issues new permit for controversial Keystone XL pipeline

The move aims to speed up the development of the pipeline, which would transport 800,000 barrels of crude oil from Canada to the US every day

Changing light bulbs
Trump wants to undo energy efficient light bulb regulations

A regulation introduced by former President Obama dictates specialty bulbs should also be subject to energy efficiency requirements

US passes non-binding measure to block potential carbon tax

The majority of voters said charging consumers and businesses for their environmental impact would be detrimental to the economy

US Government says offshore wind is coming up Trumps

The government wants to make sure it follows the best practices from its “European allies”

US opens up majority of its coast for oil drilling

The US has announced plans to open up nearly the entirety of its coast for oil and gas drilling. Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of the Interior for the Trump Administration, said a new leasing programme running from 2019 to 2024 would include several areas of the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific oceans that have previously been […]

‘Sound science will lead US energy decisions’

President Donald Trump’s pick for Energy Secretary has said he will base energy decisions on “sound science”. Rick Perry, former Texas Governor and climate change sceptic, has said he will protect scientists and their work at the Department of Energy (DoE) if he is confirmed as its new leader. He recently blocked a questionnaire from the Trump transition team […]

Trump’s energy policies: Support shale, clean coal and dump climate plan

The Trump administration has confirmed its intentions to reverse Barack Obama’s climate change policies and support fracking. Following President Donald Trump’s inauguration last week, his administration has announced plans to use the estimated $50 trillion (£40.15tn) that can be gained by exploring untapped shale oil and gas reserves to rebuild roads, schools, bridges and public infrastructure as well as to create millions of jobs and boost the agriculture […]