UK funds high-res methane data for UN initiative

The UK, through the UK Space Agency, will facilitate the contribution of high-resolution greenhouse gas data to the International Methane Emissions Observatory by GHGSat

‘Eyes on our world’: UK’s £15m push to understand planet and climate

Funding could cover a range of environmental services, including climate monitoring, environmental management, meteorology and agriculture

UK backs solar-powered spacecraft

The UK has pledged support for a project focused on harnessing solar power to fuel returnable spacecraft and enable in-orbit servicing to extend the lifespan of satellites

Nuclear power to the moon?

Scientists believe nuclear power could be humanity’s key to living on the moon

Government turns to space to tackle climate change

Green space tech projects will get a share of £7 million of new government funding

Space data to flag up climate hotspots

The UK Space Agency has backed new projects that use satellite data to understand the areas most at risk of climate change

A view of Earth from the moon
Rolls-Royce eyes nuclear-powered mining on the Moon!

The British engineering giant is reportedly planning to develop a micro-nuclear reactor that could be built on the Moon or even Mars

World EV Day: Government launches app to encourage switch to cleaner vehicles

The ‘EV8 Switch’ free app calculates how much money drivers could save by switching to an EV compared to their current petrol or diesel vehicle

New £3.9m boost for ‘greener’ space exploration

The funding will support advanced propulsion technology that promises to change the future of air and space travel

Out of this world! Satellites launch to fight climate change

The UK Space Agency has provided £15m to UK-based companies to develop satellites that tackle climate change and protect wildlife