Space data to flag up climate hotspots

The UK Space Agency has backed new projects that use satellite data to understand the areas most at risk of climate change

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A new project has been backed by the UK Space Agency that will use satellite data to monitor heat locations at the greatest risk of climate change across the UK and beyond.

The project will provide land surface temperature data from thermal infrared sensors in space to policymakers to protect those most at risk.

In addition to this, a prototype Climate Risk Index tool has been backed to provide a risk assessment of events such as droughts and wildfires using climate data.

There are estimations that hot summers are set to occur every other year by 2050, leading to heat-related deaths tripling – the UK Space Agency hopes these new projects can go someway towards protecting people from those dangers.

Beth Greenaway, Head of Earth Observation and Climate at the UK Space Agency, said: “The UK is leading the way in using space to monitor, understand and tackle climate change.

“Both of these new projects will provide decision-makers with vital information to help deal with the effects of climate change and improve lives around the world.”

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