“UK supermarkets double fuel margins amid Ukraine war”

RAC data reveals that major UK supermarkets have doubled their margins on petrol and diesel since the onset of the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian nuclear plant on “last line of defence”

The IAEA chief has outlined five principles that should be followed to prevent a nuclear disaster

UK and Norway forge partnership to counter undersea threats

The UK and Norway will work together to protect critical energy infrastructure

Chair of UK Energy Committee warns of energy shortages

The new chair of the Commons Energy Security and Net Zero Committee has warned that the war in Ukraine could be a “warning shot” for a future with energy shortages

Ukraine’s electricity exports skyrocket after six-month break

In April 2023, Ukraine exported almost 90,000MWh of electricity, according to the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity

Net zero in jeopardy: Ukraine war causing coal comeback and delays

ELN spoke to Christine McGregor, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. UK and Ireland about a new study that shows that war is causing a delay of two to three years for net zero goals

‘Russian spy ship’ creates safety concerns for Sizewell nuclear power plant

EDF Energy has assured local communities that its nuclear power stations, including Sizewell, have robust security measures in place

Russian hackers target UK’s energy supplies, warns Cabinet Office minister

Russian-aligned hackers are targeting the UK’s critical infrastructure with the intention to “disrupt or destroy” it, according to a Cabinet Office minister

‘Net zero delayed, but renewable energy soars high amidst Ukraine war’

Nearly half of business executives in Europe and the US are anticipating a setback of up to three years in reaching their net zero emissions targets, according to a new survey

UK ‘spent £50bn extra on gas since start of war in Ukraine’

If the UK had deployed more renewables and energy efficiency measures the bill would be much lower, analysts have estimated