US energy efficiency sector now employs more than 2.2m workers

This is roughly twice as many as work in fossil fuel industries

Big Zero Report 2022

The US’ energy efficiency sector now employs more than 2.25 million people.

A new report from energy solutions firms E4TheFuture and Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) shows the sector added more new jobs than any other part of the nation’s entire energy industry last year, with energy efficiency workers now outnumbering elementary and middle school teachers and employing twice as many Americans as fossil fuel industries.

California leads in energy efficiency employment with 310,000 jobs, followed by Texas’ 154,000, New York with 117,000 and Florida with 112,000.

Construction and manufacturing positions make up more than 70% of these roles.

Employers in the sector expect to see 9% job growth in 2018.

Steve Cowell, President of E4TheFuture, said: “We have long known that energy efficiency is a major source of jobs and by conservative estimates, about one in every hundred US adults now works in energy efficiency.

“Efficiency is also a key strategy for meeting multiple policy objectives. It saves money, improves health, lowers carbon emissions and creates local jobs that cannot be outsourced.”

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