Shell sets methane intensity limit for 2025

The energy giant will work to stop the potent greenhouse gas leaking from its oil and gas operations

Big Zero Report 2022

Shell has committed to keeping the methane emissions intensity of its oil and gas assets below 0.2% by 2025.

To maintain this promise, the energy giant is implementing a number of programmes, including using infrared cameras to scan for methane leaks, deploying technology to repair holes in pipework or loose valves and replacing pneumatically-operated controllers with low emission models.

Methane has a significantly higher impact on global warming than carbon dioxide when released into the atmosphere.

Shell’s intensity limit will be measured against a baseline leak rate, which currently estimated to be as high as 0.8% across the company’s existing assets.

Mark Radka, Head of UN Environment’s Energy and Climate Branch, said: “Methane is a potent greenhouse gas but it has a relatively short lifetime in the atmosphere.

“That means reducing methane emissions brings immediate climate benefits, buying some time while we work out longer term solutions.”

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