First gen smart meter deployment comes to an end

The government says it will require suppliers to get non-functional units working

Big Zero Report 2022

The government has announced first generation smart meters will no longer be deployed following the 5th of December.

It will also set out requirements for suppliers to enrol first generation smart meters into the national smart metering network, ensuring that those which have stopped functioning properly will be prioritised.

Ofgem will make sure suppliers are complying with this rule, which will be introduced through regulation in the Smart Energy Code, which sets out the rights and obligations of industry actors in relation to the rollout.

Currently, SMETS1 smart meters can lose their smart services when switched to a different supplier.

The government also announced a separate deadline for pre-payment meter installations, on the 15th of March 2019.

The change aims to avoid consumers becoming disengaged and help them continue to reduce energy usage and bills.

Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry said: “Today we’re announcing new measures to ensure suppliers are installing the next generation of smart meters and setting out how we’ll ensure all devices stay smart when consumers switch suppliers to get the best deals.”

Robert Cheesewright, Director of Corporate Affairs at Smart Energy GB, said: “The announcement that confirms first generation smart meters will be enrolled into the secure national infrastructure is good news for customers and an important step forward for the smart meter rollout.”

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