Finland to lead EU battery recycling research

It will cover the whole process starting from their collection and processing

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The European Commission has chosen Finland to co-ordinate research into battery recycling in Europe.

The Commission has compiled the European Strategic Action Plan for Batteries which pulls together a comprehensive set of concrete measures to develop an innovative, sustainable and competitive battery ecosystem.

One of these measures include recycling at every stage of the battery value chain from materials to applications and products.

Official figures suggest Europe could have a battery market worth €250 billion (£220bn) over the next two years.

This latest project will be led by technology firm Outotec, in collaboration with Aalto University and Business Finland.

Ilkka Kojo, Director of Environment and Sustainability at Outotec said: “The lithium battery research and business have taken a huge leap forward in the past few years. A pilot project is currently being prepared in the EU to support the ongoing research projects in the sector, which will cover the whole battery recycling process starting from their collection and processing.

“The objective is to return, in an economically viable way, as big a proportion as possible of the battery materials to battery production so that recycling is connected with primary production. In addition, the goal is to define long term visions, a strategic research agenda and operational programmes.”

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