Technologies developed for space have a future on Earth

Cross-sector collaboration at a UK technology hub is paving the way for innovation

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A device developed to examine gas in space has been found useful in allowing companies to monitor their emission levels right here on earth.

The device was developed by the Mid-InfraRed Instrumentation Company (MIRICO) at the Harwell Centre, an Oxford-based technology hub that brings together 200 companies working in the energy, health and space sectors.

MIRICO’s product will allow energy companies and industries to check their pollution levels and ensure safety standards – it has been deployed for trial by major energy companies and is set to launch later this year.  

The energy cluster has seen 17% growth with 35 new companies joining since May 2018.

Along with this, 26 companies like MIRICO, working in space or health, are taking their innovations into the energy sector.

Cluster and Campus Business Development Director at Harwell Campus, Dr Barbara Ghinelli said: “The 26 organisations from the Space and Health Clusters that now have technologies or applications being used in the energy sector are testament to the powerful advantage of working in close proximity with organisations that have nothing to do with your original market.”

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