Amazon unboxes new service to reduce packaging and emissions

It is part of the company’s ‘Shipment Zero’ ambition to make all deliveries net zero carbon

Big Zero Report 2022

Amazon has unveiled new plans to cut down on its packaging and emissions by grouping purchases and delivering them together.

Called ‘Amazon Day’, the service will be available to all Prime members in the US, allowing customers to choose a day of the week as their regular delivery day.

This is expected to help reduce the amount of packaging and the number of deliveries made and therefore cut emissions.

It is part of the company’s ‘Shipment Zero’ ambition to make all Amazon deliveries net zero carbon, with a 50% target for 2030.

Maria Renz, Vice President, Delivery Experience at Amazon said: “Prime members can now choose to get their orders delivered together in fewer boxes whenever possible on the day that works best for them.

“We’ve been testing this programme with a group of Prime members and Amazon Day has already reduced packaging by tens of thousands of boxes – a number that will only continue to grow now that the programme is available to Prime members nationwide.”

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