Italian energy provider Green Network partners with National Chamber of Fashion

The move will see it provide renewable energy supply to the non-profit organisation

Italian energy provider Green Network has partnered with the National Chamber of Fashion and with consultancy Eco-Age.

The move will see it provide energy from 100% green sources for both parties, both in Italy and in the United Kingdom.

The National Chamber of Italian Fashion is a non-profit organisation that works to promote and coordinate the Italian fashion industry and train Italian designers.

Founder and Vice President of Green Network Sabrina Corbo said: “This agreement is a source of satisfaction for the attention we pay to eco-sustainability. At Green Network we would like to reward all the firms that not only place this issue at the core of their business but also practically show their commitment.

“Our prize is our 100% Green energy offer for all members of the Chamber of Fashion, so that they can benefit from a privileged discount to support these shared values. If we really want to support the environment, everyone has to do their share.”

The global fashion industry is responsible for generating 1.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year.

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