Volvo’s electric trucks roll out across selected parts of Europe

The clean vehicles are initially available in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands

Electric Volvo truck

Volvo Trucks has announced sales of its Volvo FL and Volvo FE electric trucks have begun in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.

The firm says the zero-emission vehicles, which offer reduced noise levels and the absence of exhaust emissions, will launch in further markets, including the UK and Ireland, at a later date.

It notes its clean vehicles make it possible to carry out deliveries and refuse collection in early mornings, late evenings or even at night, helping to improve transport logistics and reduce congestion during peak hours and suggests they can be safely used in indoor loading areas and environmental zones.

Jonas Odermalm, VP of Product Line Electromobility, said: “Global urbanisation requires urban logistics and truck transport with zero emissions and less noise with increasing urgency.

“With the Volvo FL Electric and Volvo FE Electric we are able to meet both the strong environmental demands as well as the high commercial requirements of our customers.”

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