Nikola buys 400 acres of land to build hydrogen truck plant

The low carbon vehicle firm plans to build its hydrogen-electric trucks at the facility in Pinal County, US

Tesla rival Nikola Motor unveils hydrogen-powered truck

It will be aimed at the European market and is expected to start production in 2022/23

Tesla picks up the pace with futuristic pickup

Elon Musk said the vehicle will look like something out of a “really futurist-like cyberpunk” movie

Toyota wheels out new hydrogen fuel cell freight truck

The new zero emission vehicles are able to cover a 300-mile range on a full tank of the gas

Green firm in UAE splashes out on Tesla trucks

An environmental management company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has ordered 50 of Tesla’s new electric trucks. Bee’ah says it is the first organisation to order the heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs) in the Middle East. It plans to use them primarily for waste collection and transportation, including the transit of materials for recovery […]

Obama’s green policies keep on truckin’

President Obama is to set new greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for big-rig trucks. The new regulations were proposed last year and next week will become law, to be implemented under the next president’s watch. These trucks account for almost 20% of US greenhouse gas emissions and oil consumption while only making up about […]