Climate change sex strike inspired by ancient Greek comedy to hit East Sussex

The call encourages people to refrain from sex with the 50 county councillors until they ‘agree to stop funding climate change’

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A protest is planned outside County Hall in Lewes on 16th March, encouraging people to refrain from sex with 50 county councillors until they ‘agree to stop funding climate change’.

Campaigners from Divest East Sussex, a group of organisations campaigning to divest the East Sussex Pension Fund from fossil fuels, also say the call will be accompanied by the performance of an extract from the ancient Greek play Lysistrata – in which the women of ancient Greece use a sex strike to end the war between Athens and Sparta.

A spokesperson for Divest East Sussex said: “Though it has declared a ‘climate emergency’, East Sussex County Council continues to invest £175 million of local people’s pensions in the giant oil and gas companies that are driving our current climate crisis – companies like Exxon and BP.

“This is pure hypocrisy. From Liberia to the Philippines, sex strikes have helped to win campaigns for peace and justice.”

A spokesman from the East Sussex Pension Committee told Energy Live News: “More than 74,000 present and future pensioners from more than 130 organisations rely on the East Sussex Pension Fund.

“Divesting from fossil fuels without proper planning could put their financial security at risk and result in the fund being unable to meet its legal duty. However, the committee always takes environmental and social factors extremely seriously and only 4% of the fund is directly involved in fossil fuel investment.

“The pension fund committee has agreed to appoint a consultant to investigate the implication of environmental issues on the pension fund, particularly with regard to the long term risks of climate change.”

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