Meat consumption in EU ‘must drop 71% by 2030 to combat climate change’

A new analysis by global environmental group Greenpeace calls to reduce meat farming’s contribution to climate breakdown

Big Zero Report 2022

Meat consumption in the EU must drop by 71% by 2030 and as much as 81% by 2050 to reduce farming’s contribution to climate breakdown.

That’s according to Greenpeace, which has urged the EU to recognise the environmental impact of meat and dairy overconsumption and to include reduction targets in its upcoming ‘Farm to Fork’ food strategy, which is set for a march release.

The study notes Europeans consume twice the amount of meat compared to the global average and almost three times as much dairy – it pushes for a reduction of global meat consumption to 24kg per person per year by 2030 and then further to 16kg per person per year by 2050.

This calculation is said to be based on levels that scientists say would ensure food security, while keeping global heating below 1.5°C.

Greenpeace EU Agriculture and Forest Campaigner Sini Eräjää said: “The science is overwhelming at this stage – overconsumption of meat and dairy is wrecking forests, crushing nature and heating the planet. The Commission wants to talk about ensuring healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable way? Great idea, but that means it’s time to talk about reducing meat.”

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