Statkraft buys Vattenfall’s EV charging network in UK

The company, which had previously bought two European EV charging companies, aims to “contribute to the transition to a renewable energy powered transport sector in the UK”

The Big Zero report

Statkraft has acquired the British electric vehicle (EV) charging network of Swedish energy firm Vattenfall.

The company, which aims to strengthen its position in the European charging market, previously bought Norwegian EV charging company Gronn Kontakt in December last year and German firms E-Wald and eeMobility before that.

Anthony Hinde, Head of eMobility at Statkraft UK, said: “Statkraft’s experience with charging in Norway and Germany provides the confidence and scale to make a sustainable and customer-focused business in the UK.”

David Flood, the firm’s Managing Director, said: “Statkraft has ambitious growth plans and ambitions to contribute to the transition to a renewable energy-powered transport sector in the UK.

“EVs will change the power industry in Europe, and to achieve an emission-free transport sector, renewable energy must be used to charge EVs.”

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