Uber Boat makes a splash offering rides on Thames to boost greener transport

Passengers will be able to secure their seats through the Uber app and use QR technology to get on board

Swedish city of Jönköping moves to electrify its public transport system

Volvo Buses has been contracted by the bus company Vy Buss to deliver 49 high-capacity electric buses by summer next year

Edinburgh gets £5m funding for walking, cycling and wheelchairs

The money is part of a wider boost across the country to encourage low carbon transport

Paris to create 680 kilometres of cycleways after coronavirus crisis

The city will invest €300 million for the updated bike lane network, which will include secure paths for cycling trips after the lockdown

Parents ‘have bigger carbon footprint than childless couples’

A new report suggests this is largely because of increased transportation and food consumption changes

Statkraft buys Vattenfall’s EV charging network in UK

The company, which had previously bought two European EV charging companies, aims to “contribute to the transition to a renewable energy powered transport sector in the UK”

Electric buses…stopping at a town near you

The government has committed £11 million to bringing electric buses to towns around the country. Local authorities and bus companies in Bristol, York, Brighton, Surrey, Denbighshire and Wiltshire have been awarded the funding under the government’s ‘Low emission bus scheme’ to help them buy 153 cleaner buses. The successful bidders will use the funding to […]

EV experience centre opens in Milton Keynes

A new multi-brand electric vehicle (EV) showroom has been opened in Milton Keynes. Chargemaster’s Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC) aims to increase the numbers of EVs on the road by informing visitors about the benefits of ownership and explaining what it’s like to own and run an EV. The site is managed by Chargemaster, funded […]

First half of 2017 breaks EV records

More electric and plug-in hybrid cars were registered in the UK in the first half of 2017 than any other six-month period previously. That’s according to Go Ultra Low, a consortium of vehicle manufacturers, government and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which said a record 22,480 were sold. This is an increase […]

Liquid nitrogen bus puts a freeze on emissions

A new hybrid bus running on diesel and liquid nitrogen could slash emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The CE Power bus has been built by engineers at HORIBA MIRA as part of an Innovate UK consortium, which included Dearman, Coventry University and the Transport Research Laboratory alongside several other groups. Whilst driving at 20mph or below, the liquid nitrogen is […]