Italy’s Snam takes steps to ensure gas flow during coronavirus outbreak

Europe’s biggest gas pipeline firm is said to have initiated a maximum-security protocol and plans to operate in two-week shifts

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Italian gas grid operator Snam has taken measures to guarantee gas flow amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The state-controlled group that operates from Milan said that it had put into action a maximum-security protocol to run its operation in two-week shifts.

In a conference call, Snam CEO Marco Alvera said: “Before the start of the shift, the whole team is tested to ensure they are Covid-19 negative and then placed into isolated accommodation near the dispatching centre, where they work and live safely 24/7 for 14 days before being relieved by another shift.

“We remain broadly on track on our main construction milestones but we may need to cut the number further down as we progress.”

Italy is said to be amongst the worst hit countries by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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