How did the Queen’s coronavirus address affect the National Grid?

National Grid ESO says the televised message generated approximately 600MW of TV pick-up, equivalent to 190,000 ovens being turned on at once

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The Queen’s special televised address to the nation amid the coronavirus pandemic, which marked the fifth such speech of her 68-year reign, caused power demand across the UK to soar.

That’s according to National Grid ESO, which tweeted: “Her Majesty the Queen gave Great Britain a lift yesterday evening with her address to the nation. Our control room saw a lift in demand, too – an approximately 600MW TV pick-up in the moments after the address (that’s equivalent to 190,000 ovens at once).

“Demand drops before the Queen’s speech (we are stopping what we are doing to watch), then pick-ups dramatically afterwards as we collectively resume where we left off.

“In coming weeks, with more of us at home, we will likely see the return of the pick-up effect, which has lessened in recent years because of on-demand TV.”

Image: National Grid ESO

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