‘Corporate buildings in corona-hibernation mode are seeing a 35% drop in energy use’

That’s the suggestion from Peter Nisbet, Managing Director of Mitie Energy that spoke to ELN about the importance of managing the energy consumption of empty buildings

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Corporate building energy use has fallen by as much as 35% during the coronavirus shutdown.

That’s the suggestion from Peter Nisbet, Managing Director of Mitie Energy, who spoke to ELN about the challenges businesses have to face in terms of managing energy use while their properties are closed.

He recommended business managers must get control over the energy consumption of their buildings because ‘there are some significant savings out there’.

According to him, the biggest misconception people have is that they think a building is not using energy while they are not in it. He said: “We see around 78% drop when building are evacuated, just because people are not in the buildings anymore. But the building, the assets will still be there consuming energy.”

On the topic of how the coronavirus pandemic could affect the climate and future decarbonisation, he added: “People believe that coronavirus could solve the climate change. But that is not the case.

“Much more work should be brought to tackle climate change. Coronavirus may have given a short-term kind of boost to be able to reduce carbon levels, but it will not solve the problem. There needs to be a corporate strategy to get to the net zero target.”

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