IKEA achieves sustainability certification at Greenwich store

It claims to be the first retail unit in the country to achieve a BREEAM UK New Construction Post Construction rating of more than 90%

Infant formula producer to milk energy savings with new sustainable facility

Danone’s €240m plant in the Netherlands is powered by 100% renewable energy

UK offers £150m to enable energy efficient aerospace designs to take flight

The competition will open on 8th April 2019

City of London lights up with energy efficient plan

A new strategy for more energy efficient use of lighting across the Square Mile in London has been launched. The City of London Corporation’s innovative lighting proposals, which include remotely operated lights, aim to improve energy use and help tackle light pollution, complementing work already underway to upgrade street lighting to LEDs. Its plans, claimed […]

Its a coop for energy efficiency with hen-some savings

A poultry producer has invested £20 million in a more sustainable chicken hatchery in Nottinghamshire. Moy Park says the money will be used to increase the level of automation at the site and introduce energy efficient equipment capable of cutting electrical energy usage by around a quarter. The firm said the new facility will supply […]

Cardiff ‘to save £750,000 with LED lighting’

Wales has installed 14,000 energy efficient LED streetlights and a smart management system in its capital city. The project in Cardiff is the 1,000th of its kind delivered by Philips Lighting and is expected to significantly reduce the city’s carbon footprint, maximise operational efficiencies and improve the safety of citizens. The system is expected to […]

Fifth of Britons rate interior deco over green upgrades

More than a fifth of people in the UK would prioritise building an annex to get more space in their home above investing in energy saving measures. That’s according to the results of a Europe-wide 8,000 person survey published by E.ON, which asked respondents what they would do if they had to spend a large […]

Indian energy conservation on the up

Energy conservation in India is becoming an increasingly important priority. That is according to Saurabh Kumar, the Managing Director of Energy Efficiency Services Limited, a company that works closely with the government to implement various energy efficiency and renewable sources of generation across the country. The firm collaborates with local governments and other businesses to […]

Copenhagen to install 20,000 green streetlights

Copenhagen plans to install 20,000 energy efficient LED streetlights. The ‘smart lamps’ will replace around half of the existing bulbs – their introduction is expected to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by 57%, equivalent to the annual consumption of around 4,500 Danish households. To avoid waste and offset the costs of the upgrade, the local government is auctioning off the traditional […]

US invests $80m in efficient truck technologies

The US is investing $80 million (£54.4m) to improve the efficiency of trucks. The money from the Department of Energy (DoE) will fund the research, development and demonstration of technologies which aim to improve heavy-truck freight efficiency by more than 100%. The projects will use a variety of truck and trailer technology approaches such as engine […]