Uber commits to offering 100% electric rides by 2030

The ridesharing firm has pledged to invest $800 million in resources to help hundreds of thousands of drivers transition to EVs by 2025

The Big Zero report

Uber has committed to offering 100% electric rides in the US, Canada, and European cities by 2030.

The ridesharing company took the decision to set an earlier goal for the electric vehicle (EV) transition in response to scientists’ estimates that air pollution could return to normal as soon as lockdown measures start to ease.

The firm announced it will achieve this ambitious goal by expanding its Uber Green service to make it easier for riders to choose to travel in hybrids or EVs and committing $800 million (£618m) in resources to help hundreds of thousands of drivers transition to EVs by 2025.

With the Uber Green feature, customers are able to pay $1 (77p) extra to request a ride in an EV or hybrid vehicle – such trips are estimated to produce up to 44% fewer carbon dioxide emissions than driving a petrol-powered car alone.

The ride-hailing platform says drivers who choose to drive greener and EVs will also earn extra money with each trip – in the US and Canada, hybrid and EV drivers will receive an extra $0.50 (39p) directly from the rider on every Uber Green trip completed.

In an announcement, the company said: “The world is at a critical juncture and we all have a role to play. Uber is aiming high. We’ll seek to build the most efficient, decarbonised and multimodal platform in the world for on-demand mobility. While we’re not the first to set ambitious goals in transitioning to EVs, we intend to be the first to make it happen.”

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