Alok Sharma: ‘We are working on delivering a physical COP26’

The Business Secretary said although the government’s plan is to organise an in-person climate summit, Covid-19 pandemic still cast uncertainty over the future

Business Secretary Alok Sharma has confirmed the government is planning to deliver a physical COP26 in Glasgow next year.

Answering questions from MPs earlier today on the UK’s preparations for COP26, the green economic recovery and net zero goals, he reassured the Environmental Audit Committee that it is a priority to organise and host a climate summit that would enable in-person negotiations.

However, he noted that the Covid-19 pandemic still cast uncertainty over the future.

Mr Sharma added speaking to the Environmental Audit Committee: “What we don’t know is where will be in terms of the pandemic in the next November. And I think that is one big uncertainty. We want this COP to be as inclusive as possible.

“And we want to make sure it is a safe event and done in a responsible way for people in Glasgow. There is a lot of work going on in terms of looking at security aspects, travel.”

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