National Grid ESO issues warning on stretched electricity supply

The Electricity System Operator warns margins between electricity supply and demand will be tight this evening

Big Zero Report 2022

National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) has issued a warning on stretched electricity supply across the UK for this evening.

With that notice, the company asks for more capacity to be made available to improve the balance between energy supply and demand.

These notices are considered to be a routine way to help the ESO communicate with the market and operate the system – it does not imply that electricity supply is at risk.

National Grid ESO wrote on Twitter: “While we have enough generation to meet demand, we have issued an electricity margin notice (EMN). This is a routine signal that we send to the market to indicate that we would like a larger cushion of spare capacity.”

In mid-October, National Grid ESO warned on tight energy supplies when a number of power generators, including gas, coal, biomass plants became partially or wholly unavailable due to unplanned outages in times that wind speeds were low.

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